I have a healthy appetite, running 50+ miles a week definitely contributes to that.
I am fairly conscious about making good choices but never turn down a tasty
dessert 🙂 My problem is overconsumption. I have tried smaller portions but then I
am always hungry not long after. I am pretty good with breakfast, I do not need a
lot to get me going. When lunch comes my appetite is creeping, and when dinner
comes look out. We do not eat out much I make 95% of our dinners at home and
I always make more then enough with intent to have leftovers for lunch the next
day. Now, I do not remember (not this is embarrassing) the last time I at without
having a second helping. Sometimes I’m just finish off the salad which isn’t
terrible but usually its finishing off the salad with a little bit more of the main.
There is a theory to this madness though! I feel that if I can stuff myself to
complete fullness I will not need to snack later and will not be poking around for
some dessert after. Strangely enough I don’t seem to ever get that full, even with
second helpings!!! My husband and anyone else who joins us for dinner will eat
the same amount (if not less) and say how full they feel. I wish I could be content
too. After all I am a woman, were not supposed to have savage appetites right?
Its not ladylike. These are the thoughts that go through my head as I open up
about this. I have read about shrinking your stomach by waiting an hour after the
meal to let your body/mind realize it is full. That hour passes, and I’m not there.
UGH! I mean its not terrible I am not overweight. However, if I did not exercise
regularly I absolutely would be at least 20lbs overweight. This is why I believe I
have a bad relationship with food, and this is my confession. I want to be able to
feel full by eating less.
Interestingly enough, I think this comes from my upbringing and maybe some
people can agree with me on this. When we were kids we always finished our
plates, don’t waste food. My parents meant well, but if the portions happened to
be larger than necessary then all those years I was pumping my stomach up. Not
to be winning races but to be winning hot dog eating championships. There is a
pun intended here as my dad who I love and adore, competed in pie and hot dog
eating games haha! By the way my dad is very athletic and has never been
overweight in his life these were just…well I don’t really know what his intentions
were with food challenges but he must have enjoyed them at the time!
Regardless, I think I have just always eaten larger portions and I have a really
hard time scaling back without feeling uncomfortable.
In conclusion, I have no problem making healthy choices and creating
nutritious meals for my family and I am proud of that. The problem lies with the
fact that nutritious foods are great but they can also be high in calories and we
only need a certain amount to survive even with an athletic lifestyle. Its also
difficult for me at this point in my life right now being at home with my kids, yes
we keep ourselves busy but most of the time we are only a couple feet from the
kitchen and a fridge full of happiness and a pantry full of bad decisions. I don’t
like that I can so easily consume high volumes of food and still feel like eating
again. If you can provide me with some pointers on how to get my head in the
game so that I can feel more in control, please let me know your thoughts!