When we found out we were pregnant with Scarlet it was a slight surprise as I
had only stopped breastfeeding for on month prior. We were not using any form
of birth control because we did want to conceive again soon, we just didn’t think it
would happen that soon, naive I guess. Needless to say we were thrilled to be
welcoming another life into our world, thrilled and a little scared. Carter seemed
so small and he was still very dependent on us.
With this pregnancy I ran until one or two days before delivery and I felt great.
I did not gain as much weight either as I had learnt from my first pregnancy how
hard it was to lose some of those additional pounds. I believe I tapped out around
185lbs and when I arrived home from the hospital the scale read about
170lbs…still some work to do. Again, I waited for the go ahead from my doctor to
get back to it and even though I had run further into this pregnancy than the last
stepping back on the treadmill was just as difficult as the first. I worked my way
through it the same way, taking baby steps. Now I was facing another challenge
during my workouts, I had two little ones to worry about and even less time to try
and squeeze in workouts. I couldn’t let it stop me I just needed to get creative. If
the kids would give me 15 minutes at a time I would take advantage and maybe
do three 15 minute sessions a day, that or if family was visiting they would
always help me out. Eventually we got into a grove and I would try to get the
workout in while Scarlet napped and found Carter’s most favourite movie or TV
show in Netflix for a solid distraction. I also ended up breastfeeding Scarlet for
close to 11 months and felt pretty proud about that accomplishment as well.
Between the two children I went through 6 bouts of Mastitis. This was hard. I
would get a blocked duct and have less than 24 hours to try and release it before
I began to heat up and hit the wall with a very high fever aches and chills. Luckily
for me I have a very supportive family and extended family that was always there
to lend a hand when I was trying to recover. Just because I was slowly dying (or
so I thought) upstairs in bed didn’t mean either of my kids would take a bottle for
once, they still needed to breastfeed every hour or so and this was excruciatingly
painful. As painful as this was, it was completely necessary for them to feed as
much as possible to remove that block so that it didn’t become a form of cyst
which would have had to be surgically removed. At the time I thought if I can get
through this I can get through anything, pain in joints and muscles from running is
nothing in comparison. My pain tolerance has definitely grown stronger from child
birth and breastfeeding.
Due to the chronic mastitis (I just made that term up) both times when I was
ready to stop breastfeeding I had to do it cold turkey. I was given a tenser band
and a capsule of antibiotics from the doctor. The tensor bandage I wrapped
around my chest as they filled up like balloons. They may have looked like
inflated balloons but they felt like punching bags. The slightest touch would bring
tears to my eyes. One might think that something like this would deter me from
running or at lest set me back from my progress, but I was not going to let that
happen. If it wasn’t going to kill me it could only make me stronger, and it did.