I first realized I had I hernia sometime in late 2016 after my daughter Scarlet
was born. Scarlet was born in May 2016 and I had finally lost most of the baby
weight Christmas 2016 which was also when I noticed I had a small almond
sized lump in the groin area. Of course, at first sight I thought it was a tumour or
something life altering but soon came to realize it was a hernia. Hernias are more
common then I had thought. Surgery is suggested depending on many factors
such as the size, location, and severity of pain it causes. Mine in particular did
not cause much pain but I always knew it was there. When it was in its smaller
stages (the almond size) I was able to gently push it back in without difficulty or
discomfort. As the hernia grew, pushing it back in became more uncomfortable
and difficult. Eventually I just gave up trying to squeeze it back in because it
would just come back out within a couple minutes. At this point I had already
seen my family doctor twice, had an ultrasound done, and had a surgery
consultation. The surgeon suggested surgical intervention but I walked away
waiting for a phone call regarding the date. This all happened November 2017.
Sometime in February 2018 I received a letter in the mail saying they were
backed up and I wouldn’t likely be getting an appointment any time in the near
future. So I went on with my life kept adding miles to my marathon training and
was on the top of my game. Then February 26 I received a phone call from the
surgeons office telling me they had a cancellation and wanted to do the surgery
March 9th (two weeks out). I was so shocked as I had put this in the back if my
mind assuming it was going to be a long time before I was even going to receive
this phone call let alone have a date go along with it a week or so later. I agreed
to the date and hung up the phone…then slowly realized how much this was
going to potentially impact my training schedule, naturally I was feeling kind of
bummed out but I knew I had to get this done. I was also to miss my first 15k
race of the season as it fell on March 10th the day after surgery.
The surgery day came and I am not a fan of hospitals so couldn’t wait to get
this overwith. I was given general anesthetic and woke up in a lot of pain. I
couldn’t take a deep breath or talk without wincing. As soon as the anesthetic
wore of about 2 hours later I was heading home with my dad. We had to pick up
my pain meds first which were Percocets. I was given these because I have an
intolerance to codeine and Tylenol 3s were not an option. They may have helped
me sleep, but they really upset my stomach I stopped taking them after about
day 3 when I realized that was probably the cause of my lack of appetite due to
extreme nausea. So I switched to plain Tylenol and ibuprofen as my friend who is
a nurse had advised. To sum it up, the pain was awful for 3 days post operation
each day that followed I was gradually feeling much better.
Day 5 post operation I was feeling good, so I decided to walk of the treadmill.
This went well at first I held the side bars for support while everything got
warmed up and got the kinks out. About 10 minutes in I didn’t need the bars, was
hobbling a bit but after about 20 minutes I was walking at a good pace of 3.4mph
and 4.0 incline. I completed 30minutes that day was was feeling a little swollen
but aside from the mentally I was on cloud 9 feeling great. A part of me was

nervous because I know I have a high pain tolerance when it comes to exercise I
was trying my best to listen to body. The next day I walked for an hour and even
tried a light jog. I ended up doing 9 miles that day but I was feeling pretty sore
after so I took that as a sign and back off from the jogging. Day 7 post op I
walked again for 2 hours I was feeling good again and I didn’t want to run but I
want my body to get used to being in motion for the longer periods of time again.
This went well my body responded well. I did my first run post op day 10, I did a
half 13.5miles. I started off walking warming up for ten minutes feeling good then
gradually kept upping my speed. About 70 minutes into the workout I was back
up to my normal speed 7.3 mph and feeling really good. Now, this may seem
crazy but I was being careful looking for cues from my body checking in the
incision and looking for any excessive swelling but I did not have any issues. I did
not want to tell anyone (aside from my husband) about running that far because I
was slightly worried that I could have done some damage maybe that I didn’t see
and I did not want to be bragging about a big run when two days later I was going
into the hospital in extreme pain.
Easter Monday, 3 and a half weeks after the surgery I was ready to attempt
26.2 miles. I completed it in my usual time approximately 3 hours 36 minutes. It is
difficult to get your exact time and distance on my treadmill because after every
100 minutes it shuts down and I have to do a reset. Im sure many treadmills do
this to prevent burnout possibly but it makes it hard to get exact stats on a
endurance run. I felt really good about the workout my legs felt good; my
endurance amazed me as I did not feel shortness of breath much and was
actually able to hold a conversation with my brother for a bit three quarters of the
way in. My joints were throbbing a little, but thats pretty normal for me after going
that distance. I did not feel any pain at all in my groin are where the incision was.
The next day I was feeling a little tight but went and did my circuit training
anyway and this actually helped loosen me up.
I believe that in my recovery from the surgery, I may have pushed the limits a
little and gone against what experts would suggest but I came out on
top…luckily. I am so relieved this is done and I was able to move on so quickly. I
also believe getting back into my routine quickly after helped speed up my
recovery process by keeping muscles strong and blood flowing in that area. In
my head I wanted to heal properly but I was not going to let myself get
comfortable with being sedentary.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, Joe Rogan is my favourite. I usually look for his
shows that host guests on who are extreme athletes, in the medical field, or
dietary informants. He covers so many different topics almost anyone would be
able to find a show that would entertain their interests. Through listening to these
podcasts I’ve really began to see that we can do more then we may think, and
that we can do more than what were told. Most of my life I have always
respected authority (I still do) and I like the structure authority provided. I followed
the rules willingly without question. Only as of more recently I’ve learned that it is

okay to question authority and to push limits in moderation and with caution of
course. So I am slowly adjusting the way I view authoritative structures recently
and this leads to why I felt empowered to hit my workouts a little bit quicker than
advised. I knew however, that if something were to go wrong and I ended up
having to go back to the hospital that would be pretty embarrassing…I didn’t
follow the rules and look what happened. So when I started off I was weary and
wasn’t publicizing my achievements because I didn’t want to hear I told you so.
Now that I’ve done it, I am pain free, and almost completely healed I am ready to
say that this worked in my favour and I wouldn’t change a thing.