We all have different methods which guide us towards accomplishments. For
example the way we process information, what rewards we need in order to
reach goals, and physical fitness capacity. These factors (to name only a few)
make it difficult to determine which workout schedule will stick for each individual.
This is why I have become my own best coach, personal trainer and dietitian and
the best part, is that its all FREE. I have always enjoyed running, although I
believe it is more of a love/hate relationship. When I started running back in the
day, I was about 16 years old. I got the itch after completing a couple 5k runs
then eventually a 10k. The competitive side to me always wanted to do better
than the last time. I enjoy the results I get from running, it makes me feel
complete and ready to take on anything. The “hate” part of my relationship with
running is sometimes I do not like the pressure I put on myself to never miss a
run, knowing the repercussion will be a miserable mess…something
psychologically happens to me and I become irritable and angry with myself for
not just getting it over with. I think I am addicted to the “runners high”. The best
part about the runners high is that it lasts (for me anyways) all day and carries
throughout the week, so long as I don’t miss a run ;p. So aside from wishing I
could give myself a guilt free break every once in a while, I can appreciate that
it’s that drive that has helped me reach and smash many of my running goals.
Diet does play a role in overall physical fitness but I find It very difficult to find
what works best for me. The internet, is amazing as it is provides an outlet for
people to share their information, thoughts, and ideas. This plethora of
information however to the average reader, can make it quite difficult to find
where you stand. Not to go too off track, but in university I studied many theorists
and found it very confusing at times because each one had its flaws but they also
had some very interesting ways of viewing the world which made a lot of sense. I
find that when trying to figure out the most beneficiary diet for myself I run into
the same blurring and frustration between what is right and what is wrong. We
have these documentaries on Netflix telling us to be Vegan for many political and
health reasons, but then I have also listened to many podcasts telling us we only
need meat to survive. That is just to name a few sources that have me going
back and forth. Lately I have been doing what I do best and deciding to take
matters into my own hands and not follow just one theory completely. I am
picking what I believe can be consistent with in my life. So I have recently
experimented with a couple. Now, the experts might say I’m not sticking to a
particular plan long enough or strict enough but I am not doing this for them I am
doing this for me, so here is what I have done.
I have tried to do the paleo diet, strictly high fat foods and protein, meat and
more meat! This was great as I enjoy meat and it makes me feel satiated I didn’t
really miss the processed carbs much, but again I did not follow this diet to
perfection. I did and do still try to cut back on my refined sugar intake, I have a
pretty serious sweet tooth which takes over every once and a while. I find I have
more energy for my runs when I consume a fair amount of carbohydrates the
night/day before, and I have a sneaky suspicion a little sugar helps too. The

paleo ideology suggests that you have to try this diet strictly for two weeks or so.
This would allow your body to start burning fat instead of the fast carbs, but I am
not ready to commit to cutting out carbs completely. This diet just will not work for
me. I need my food choices to fit into my healthy lifestyle for the long term. So
the majority of my meals I eat protein and vegetables, I usually add my carbs into
my dinners.
I have tried, and still do a little intermittent fasting. The first time I tried this it
was HARD. I was so focused on not eating until lunch time I think I wanted food
more than usual. The second day got easier and so on. Also, on days where I do
longer runs that take up most of my morning anyways. I don’t get a chance to
even think about eating until about 11am when I finish showering and start
getting lunch started for my kids. So I do intermittent fasting about two or three
times a week. I am not totally sure if it is benefiting me but to be honest I do like
eating a little more at dinner and not feeling bad about it because I skipped
breakfast. The intermittent fasting, if I am correct is geared towards getting your
body to start working off your fat stores as it is not receiving any other form of
nutrients for 12+ hours. I am happy with my weight but if burning off some fat can
help me be a leaner faster runner, I am all for it.
I have tried just protein back in the day. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone
it was awful I had zero energy and was completely miserable and irritable. Again,
I may have not given it enough time or I may have not been eating enough if it
but I quickly realized that this was not something I would be able to sustain for
the rest of my life.
I have not tried being vegan so I cannot say much to that and the reason is I
simply have no intentions to stop eating meat. I just don’t have it in me.
To conclude, I have nothing against any diet choice people chose to live by. I
do not believe that any one diet specifically is perfect for the general population. I
believe what works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone else. I feel
that we all need to find what makes us feel happy, and more importantly satiated
:). There is nothing wrong with experimenting and failing to completely commit to
one, in fact for me it has been the only way I have been able to really see what
my body needs for long distance runs and I am far from being finished. I think
this will be a lifelong journey of trial and error, and I look forward to it. I enjoy
learning about latest and greatest dietary suggestions from the pros there as I
believe there is still so much we do not know. While we continue our research,
pass the potatoes!