I grew up in a busy household, I am the oldest out of three other siblings. My
father worked in sales for Canada Post and my mother ran an at home daycare.
With my moms daycare our house was always packed with kids. My parents
enrolled my siblings and I into every sport/after school curricular possible (or so I
thought). I thank them for this and am very appreciative of my upbringing. I
believe they made me a well rounded and caring individual. My brother
Christopher and I did Karate, piano lessons, art lessons, tap/ballet/jaz, T-ball,
hockey and soccer to name a few. My brother ended up choosing hockey to stick
with and I fell in love with soccer.
I am born and raised in London, ON. I graduated from the University of Western
Ontario with a BA majoring in Community Development and minoring in
Women’s Studies. I had sixty thousand dollars worth of school debt and was
looking for work at non-for-profit agencies that weren’t hiring. It was very difficult
to find a job in my field of study at the time so I ended up doing some
administrative work at the YMCA. After a couple years I moved on to try
transportation logistics and thought I had found my calling. I enjoyed the fast
pace environment and the pay was closer to what I had hoped to earn being a
university graduate. I married my husband Justin in 2012 and we had our son
Carter in 2014. Soon after our daughter Scarlet was born, in 2016 I became a
stay at home mom.
I have been an avid runner since I was sixteen. I played a lot of soccer year
round. My soccer career came to an end when I got married and started a family.
This is when I began to focus on running, I was adding more distance and
working on speed.
December 2017 I ran my first marathon and four more followed in the weeks
shortly after. I was hooked. The first time I ran 42.2km was Boxing Day. My
husband’s Christmas gift to me this year was 2 new pairs of Nike Free Run
running shoes and had signed me up for a “MEC five race pack”. Out of the five
races he selected the longest distances. Four of them are 15km and one of them
is a full marathon. Up until this point I had comfortably run the half marathon
distance, and I was pretty content with that. When I saw the full marathon
enrolment for May 2018 I knew I had to up my game. The following day I started
my run with the intention to see just how far a could go, I would go until I sensed
an injury coming on or until my body gave up. I was in a good position because I
had taken Christmas Day off from running and had consumed my fair share of
calories which were begging to be used as energy. I ran the marathon in 3:36:45
which I soon realized was a pretty good time, especially for a first timer. I was
amazed with myself, not only that I completed this accomplishment which up until
that day still seemed so far away, but also the way my body recovered from
doubling my distance. I had no delayed onset muscle soreness and worked out
again the next morning. This is what has inspired me to start writing about my
running journeys. I have become my own inspiration and I hope to inspire others

to do the same.