My husband had become the extra push I’ve needed to see my full potential. In
November 2017 he surprised me by signing me up for a 15km race. He had
mentioned numerous times that I should sign up for one and I had agreed but I
don’t know exactly why I never wanted to commit. Part of me was thinking “I am
already pretty hard on myself, singing up for races is just going to make it worse.”
I also don’t really like running in groups, and my competitive side didn’t want to
lose but having never tried before I wasn’t sure how I would place. Fear of being
deterred from races by seeing my competition, but I laced up and as nervous as I
was, I did it. I ran the 15km in 1:04:59 that day which was a personal best.
My adrenaline was pumping, I started at the back of the pack as I was not feeling
very confident but it worked in my favour. It did not take me long to pass about 60
percent of the group and started to feel pretty good. I kept passing others one by
one, and every time I made a pass I got another jolt of energy! In my head I was
thinking “I might be able to do okay here.” I questioned “was I going too fast?”
and worried I might burn out early. But I couldn’t let the runners I passed pass
me. I made up my mind only an injury would slow me down. Again my
competitive side being a little aggressive, but pushing me to keep going and keep
good speed. I finished 1st place in the women’s division and 2nd place overall.
Now I feel like I’ve got something, and I’m ready to do this again.
There is one detail of this race that I didn’t want to leave out of this post.
During the last four kilometres I was approaching one if the three males that had
been taking the lead for the majority of the race. I was gaining on him and there
was a point where he slowed a bit and I made the pass. I think when he realized
that I was running in the same fleet (there was also a 10k and 5k running the
same path) he became irritated. So a minute later he zoomed past me, I didn’t
think much of it, good on him. Eventually his little burst of speed slowed again
and I caught up. This time I had tried to pass him about three times and he would
purposely cut me off, it makes my blood pressure rise while I am typing this! I
was so disappointed that this was happening it was so rude and completely
unfair. I asked him to stop and he just brushed me off. So this went on for about
a kilometre and all of a sudden he grabbed his leg in pain very dramatically and
went down. Now, any other situation I would have asked is he was okay but I
couldn’t help but think this “injury” was because he could no longer keep up with
trying to outrun me and was unable to allow me to pass him without a theatric
event. I kept running and told one of the route guidance volunteers that was only
a couple feet ahead that he may be injured. I saw him at the finish line and he
was walking around just fine with a sour look on his face. I didn’t want to let it bug
me but it did. I just couldn’t understand the poor sportsmanship, and I was really
enjoying myself up until that point I just really didn’t want someone like that to be
able to ruin this accomplishment but it did get to me. I hope that in my races to
come I do not encounter another situation like this. I also wonder if anyone else
has experienced similar bad sportsmanship? I have a feeling I am not alone