My First Marathon – MEC Marathon

Relationship with food-

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I'm Lindsey from the social media brand FREERUNMOM. My passion is supporting athletes, moms, youth and runners in their training, recovery and performance in various physical activities. Whether you're training for your first marathon, reaching to qualify for Boston or running competitively I'm interested in engaging with athletes to better understand how we can motivate each other. My first love has always been soccer, having played from the ages of 6 to 23. After a number of injuries I fell in love with running and my passion for one sport naturally transitioned into a passion for another. I ran through both of my pregnancies and my husband, who is my greatest supporter, signed me up for my first competitive race just after our second child was born. To my surprise I placed first.

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Hi! I am a Mother, Runner & a Wife. I am a fitness coach. Through my blogs, I share my tips & tricks to stay healthy. So, Subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated. 

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