I’m Lindsey

I am a social media brand FREERUNMOM. 

My passion is supporting athletes, moms, youth and runners in their training, recovery and performance in various physical activities.

 My first love has always been soccer, having played from the ages of 6 to 23. After a number of injuries I fell in love with running and my passion for one sport naturally transitioned into a passion for another.


I finished my first marathon race 1st overall with a Boston qualified time of 3:18:19!

Why do I run?

Because it makes me feel great, mentally & physically. Running gives me a sense of personal achievement and after the most tiresome day I feel energized. After each pregnancy our body changes and running helped, and is helping, me form my new identity. I am a passionate supporter of motherhood; all the challenges, the successes and the need to carve out my own time for myself. As a mother I want to model and promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. Finding the time and motivation creates amazing self-discipline that is such an important habit. It shapes our behaviors and successes and in each subsequent race I’ve improved with the milestone in 2018 of qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:18:19.

Recently my Instagram account, @freerunmom, reached 30k+ followers. The support and comments of people motivated me to seek out professional coaching, to network with others and learn more about each and everyone of my followers.